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BaudolinoUmberto Eco
ISBN 978-3-89940-978-9

Read by: Jens Wawrczeck,
Jens Fricke, Michael Habeck, Andreas Pietschmann, Michael Mendl, Irina
Wanka, u.a.
Direction/Radio Play Adaptation:
Leonhard Koppelmann
Henrik Albrecht
Production: Südwestrundfunk 2002
Release Date: Der Hörverlag, Oktober 2006

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Baudolino, a crafty farmer’s rascal from the Piemont in Northern Italy, changes the course of events with his audacious lies. Just like in the year 1154, when 13 year old Baudolino takes the great Barbarossa for a ride. From this time on, as an imperial protégé, he is always present when history is written: And he teaches us an understanding still valid to this day: namely that historiography means first and foremost the falsification of history. Why did Barbarossa really want to go to the Holy Land? And was it actually of the bathing accident on the way that he perished? When Baudolino increases the value of the mortal remains of the Three Magi for the transport to Cologne, when he suggests to the emperor the canonization of Charlemagne, when he falsifies a letter of the mythical priest king Johannes, or when he circulates false relics – then it becomes clear that modern-day cunning strategies of the media and the press have their origin in the Middle Ages.
„Furthermore especially Andreas Pietschmann as Abdul and Peter Fricke as Niketas deserve to be mentioned in a positive light.“ (Source:
„As an example, we introduce some of the cast which excel in this audio book. They are the friends who accompany Baudolino on  his way: the poet (Sebastian Blomberg), Abdul (Andreas Pietschmann), Boron (Ingo Hülsmann), Kyot (Frank Stöckle and Solomon (Tim Seyfi). Emperor Barbarossa is spoken by Michael Mendl.“

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