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The Law of Dreams
“Das Gesetz der Träume”

Das Gesetz der TräumePeter Behrens
ISBN 978-3-89813-759-1

Read by: Andreas Pietschmann
Release Date: February 2008, Der Audio Verlag
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Ireland in 1847: During the great famine, 15-year old Fergus O’Brien loses not only his family but also his home. He ekes out a living off his own bat, and on his arduous adventure first ends up in a poorhouse, then joins a gang of thieves and finally finds himself a place to live in a brothel. In Wales he meets married Molly and falls in love with her. They decide to try their luck together in America. A hazardous journey across the Atlantic begins…
“Andreas Pietschmann reads Peter Behren’s novel excellently. He stresses appropriately his words suitable so that they sound especially meaningful, and he gives the characters different voices, but not too exaggerated.” (Source:

“Andreas Pietschmann’s voice creates wanderlust – his reading is so absorbing that one can’t wait to learn about the end of the journey.” (Source:
“Andreas Pietschmann reads simply wonderfully! This is great cinema for the ears.” (Source:

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