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The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao
“Das kurze wundersame Leben des Oscar Wao”

Das kurze wundersame Leben des Oscar WaoJunot Diaz
ISBN 978-3-86610-724-3

Read by: Andreas Pietschmann
Release Date: March 2009, Argon Verlag
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A family between worlds and times: Junot Díaz tells the story of Oscar, the amiable nerd and Lola, his tough sister. Both have grown up in New jersey, but their roots lie in the Caribbean. This is the place where they end up repeatedly when life once more wipes away their luck they had painstakingly just scraped together. Here, in their great-aunt’s house, they find shelter – just as their mother had done many years ago, and of whose gloomy past they have no idea. All the time the past seems like a curse to them. One day, in a last desperate act, Oscar risks everything for his fortune. To ban the curse becomes his last adventure. (Source:

„A great voice is required in order to capture the drama, the sadness, the injustice and merciless brutality of the story. Andreas Pietschmann has this voice. With his cool voice, he manages in all different levels of the story and characters to breathe even more life and authenticity into the story than the book does. Seldom have I heard such concentrated life.“ (Source:

“Díaz is beyond all question one of the most distinguished authors of the contemporary literature scene. The saga of a latino family is electrifying. Thanks to speaker Andreas Pietschmann, the book is perfectly read.“ (Source:
“Junot Díaz was award the 2008 Pulitzer Prize for “The short  and wondrous life of Oscar Wao”. Andreas Pietschmann impressed, among others, in the TV series GSG 9 – Their commitment is their life – and Sun Alley. His charms, good humour and expressiveness make him a very popular audio book speaker.“ (Source:

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