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Das Lewskow-Manuscript

Das Lewskow-ManuscriptMatthias Wittekindt
Read by: Ulrich Noethen, Andreas Pietschmann, Johanna Christine Gehlen, Nina Weniger
Directed by: Alexander Schuhmacher
Tim Frühwirth, Lömsch Lehmann, Frank Wingold
Production: 2005, NDR
Content: Levy Lautmann, the narrator of the story, has just won a new face. He is professor for enlightenment in a highly technical world. His job is to check whether manuscripts may be accepted or not in the “Central Archive of Society”. When he is handed over the “Lewskow manuscript” for a survey, which had been passed on to him under very special circumstances, he feels strangely moved. Against all customs and laws he Contact a female colleague who also reads the script. Like hunters of a lost treasure, both want to find out the secret of the paper. Lautmann hereby arrives at the end of his world, overcomes a huge wall and he and Lisa find themselves in a landscape of ruins. Both discover each other as individuals, against the mess and overstimulations of a highly technical society. (Source:
“The Lewskows Manuscript” received the Kurd Laßwitz Award

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