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The Red Pony
Das rote Pony und andere Erzählungen

Das rote Pony und andere Erzählungen, gelesen von Andreas PietschmannJohn Steinbeck
ISBN 978-3-42312-850-6

Read by: Andreas Pietschmann
Release Date: April 2005, Patmos
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Ten-year old Jody grows up closely connected with nature on a farm in Californian Salinas Valley. His world receives its first rift when his beloved pony stallion falls seriously ill. With much insight, Steinbeck describes in the famous cover story a child’s psychic trauma, the painful loss of basic trust in his fellow human beings. The other stories too describe with great intensity the basic experiences of mankind, such as pain, happiness, love and death: When a rancher coming home finds his “model of a wife” in the arms of another, and a mother loses her son as soon as he has crossed the threshold to adult life. (Source:
“Steinbeck tells his story like an observer seated far above the scenery, with no apparent sign of compassion, neither for the animal’s nor the boy’s fate.  He achieves his effect mainly by means of powerful description of the circumstances and the illustrative quality of his language. Speaker Andreas Pietschmann meets this fact with his youthful voice, thus remaining faithful to the work and Steinbeck’s intentions.” (Source:

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