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The Visit of the Royal Physician

Der Besuch des Leibarztes, gesprochen u.a. von: Andreas PietschmannPer Olov Enquist
ISBN 978-3-89584-974-9

Read by: Hans Peter Hallwachs, Ulrich Matthes, Andreas Pietschmann, Felix von Manteuffel, Alexandra Henkel, u.a.
Directed by: Walter Adler
Radio Play Adaptation: Valerie Stiegele

NDR / SWR 2002
Release Date: August 2002, Der Hörverlag
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Content: In Altona (Hamburg), where he worked as a physician and doctor for the poor, he revolutionized medical science, and in Denmark he nearly managed to achieve a nearly peaceful political revolution: Count Struensee, an enlightenment philosopher, freethinker, humanist. In 1768 he was ordered to the Danish court to attend to king Christian VII. A mercilessly punishing education has made the former crown prince into a stammering, perturbed monarch. Christian soon has confidence in the count. He withdraws himself more and more into his interior worlds, and assigns to Struensee nearly all political powers. But to the court, especially for the reactionary Guldberg, the philosopher is a thorn in the flesh and Srtuensee’s liaison with the queen, at the instigation of  Christian himself, makes him vulnerable...


„The speakers are, among others, Felix von Mateuffel, Ingrid Andree, Jutta Hoffmann, Ulrich Matthes and Andreas Pietschmann as King Christian VII. Pietschmann has the difficult task of portraying the psychologically unstable moods and the fits, in which he excels wonderfully.“ (Source:
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