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The ice-cold Sky
"Der eiskalte Himmel"

Der eiskalte Himmel, gelesen von Andreas PietschmannMirko Bonné
ISBN 978-3-8337-1585-3

Read by: Andreas Pietschmann
Published: October 2006
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August 1914: Whilst in Europe the “great war” is drawing near, Sir Ernest Shackleton starts a daring expedition. He wants to be the first one to cross the Antarctic continent on foot. On board of his vessel “Endurance” are: 69 huskies (sledge dogs), a gramophone, a bicycle – and a stowaway, 17-year old Merce Blackboro.

“Speaker Andreas Pietschmann has an excellent command of his instrument, namely his voice. By combining and varying different pitches in his richly coloured voice, he creates curiosity and excitement. Each CD begins and ends with the sound of the ocean waves, underlined with music. A really resonant collage of a great adventure.”

“Speaker Andreas Pietschmann gives here one of his best interpretations, and the listener experiences realistically an adventure under most extreme conditions, as if he were in the place of that 17-year old stowaway, from whose point of view Mirko Bonné has written this story.” (Source: Buchkultur)
“Actor Andreas Pietschmann presents the novel with commitment and with much dedication, and thus the listener  – just like the stowaway who is an additional traveller - becomes part of the crew, experiencing the expedition realistically.” (Source:
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