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The Shadow of the Wind
“Der Schatten des Windes”

Der Schatten des Windes, gelesen von Andreas PietschmannCarlos Ruiz Zafóns
ISBN 978-3-455-30362-9

Read by: Andreas Pietschmann
Release Date: February 2004, Hoffmann und Campe Verlag
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Daniel Sempere’s life experiences a drastic turn when he comes across the path of fate of a mysterious book. He gets into a maze of lives adventurously linked with each other. It is as if the story of his past life would be repeated. Everybody Daniel meets, especially the women whom he falls in love with, seem to be nothing but figures in a big game.

“The opening sentences fade away and absorb the listener into the story. Right from the start it becomes clear that we follow the development of a youthful hero. This is underlined through Andreas Pietschmann’s voice; the description of Daniel’s feelings matches the story in my head. The interpretation emphasizes the effect of youthfulness. However, Pietschmann can also cope with the other characters. Neither old nor young, brutality or tenderness causes him any problems with the interpretation. And the characters of the story are softly revived. With Andreas Pietschmann, a good narrator has been chosen for this book.” (Source: 

“Pietschmann carries the listener directly into Barcelona of the fifties. A wonderful story of endless poetry”. (Source:
“The ambiance of the novel is wonderfully enhanced by Andreas Pietschmann, the narrator of the audio book. On the one hand, he easily conveys the author’s fine humour, and on the other hand he lends his voice that gloom which makes a spooky scene so exciting.  Moreover, he succeeds in making the ageing of the characters quite audible.“ (Source:

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