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“Ich hab dich im Gefühl”

Ich hab dich im Gefühl, gelesen von Andreas PietschmannCecelia Ahern
ISBN 978-3-8337-1585-3

Read by: Maja Schöne und Andreas Pietschmann
Release Date: July 2008, Argon Verlag
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Joyce narrowly survives an accident – and knows that from now on she wants to live a different life. But something is strange: All of a sudden, she speaks different languages and remembers things she has never experienced. Justin is a guest lecturer in Dublin. He feels dammed lonely, but would never admit it. When he meets a young woman who in an unusual way appears familiar to him, he is confused – he just can’s remember where he  could have met her before. A wonderful love story – so romantic, so witty, so moving that only Cecelia Ahern could write. (Source:

“Andreas Pietschmann (..) creates the story around Joyce and Justin in a lively and authentic way.” (Source:
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