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The Pendragon Legend
"Die Pendragon Legende"

Die Pendragon-Legende, gesprochen u.a. von: Andreas PietschmannAntal Szerb

Read by: Andreas Pietschmann, Matthias Habich, Fabian Busch, Gunda Aurich, Nina Weniger, u.a.
Directed by: Annette Kurth
Radio Play Adaptation: Claudia Kattanek
Production: WDR 2006

Content: Janos Bátky, a young Hungarian scientist, meets at a soiree Owen Pendragon, the British Earl of Gwyned, a whimsical elderly gentleman who shows a special interest in Bátky’s research work about the English 17th century mystics. Spontaneously the earl invites the young scientist to his castle in Wales. Enthusiastically, Bátky embarks on the journey, but the first night in the castle already makes him shudder: at midnight horsemen and giant figures tiptoeing along the corridors with torches bereave him from his sleep. Then a murderer goes about in the castle, out to kill the old earl. And it does not take long until the rumours about the earl become true: in the laboratory of his castle, he carries out experiments on strange animals who stand in the mystical tradition of the family Pendragon’s ancestor.  Is there really such a thing as the “resurrection of the flesh”, as these ancestors believe? (Source:

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