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The black Brothers
“Die schwarzen Brüder ”

Die Schwarzen Brüder, gesprochen u.a. von Andreas PietschmannLisa Tetzner
ISBN 978-3-491-24087-2

Read by: Ulrich Pleitgen, Raiko Küster, Andreas Pietschmann, Hans Löw, Horst Mendroch, Hildegard Krekel, u.a.
Release Date: September 2003, Patmos

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Ticino in mid-19th century. The mountain farmers suffer deprivation and have to sell their children to the city of Milano. Twenty Francs is what Giorgio’s parents receive for their son, who has to crawl through the chimneys as a living sweeping broom. His master’s family torment him, others ridicule him, and above all a gang of street urchins make the lives of the chimney sweeber boys a misery. But they defend themselves, forming the band of the “Black Brothers”…
In 2004 the audio play “The Black Brothers” received the quaterly Award of the German Record Review”.
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