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The Sea of Trolls

Drachenmeer, gelesen von Andreas PietschmannNancy Farmer
ISBN 978-3-8337-1539-6

Read by: Andreas Pietschmann
Release Date: February 2006 / Jumbo Neue Medien
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"For such a giant being, the dragon made surprising little noise, so little that Jack did not hear him come through the howling of the wind and his own gasping breath.” Ever since Jack is a bard’s apprentice he can conjure earth magic and make fogs appear.  But is that sufficient to survive with the wild Scandinavians an adventure in the land of the trolls? How else can he free his little sister Lucy from the hands of the berserks? (Source:
“The abbreviated version of the book is read convincingly by Andreas Pietschmann. His youthful and versatile voice portrays the characters and gives the dialogues vitality.”(Quelle: Töne für Kinder)

“At the same time, the Viking saga, skilfully read by Andreas Pietschmann, is also a commuter, because it speaks to adolescents and grown-ups alike. It’s a jewel”. (Source: Buchkultur)
“Thanks to his attentive and unintrusive manner of speaking, Andreas Pietschmann gives to his characters emotional depth and never is tempted to dramatize, where words alone are sufficient.” (Source: Tages-Anzeiger)
“Andreas Pietschmann’s youthful voice portrays Jacks’s character without any problems, whereas he also skilfully lends his voice to Lucy and Thorgil. However, it’s only with the voice of Olaf when Andreas Pietschmann can perfectly convince, for he presents expressively the strong, aggressive, tight-lipped leader of the Normans used to giving orders. But apart from illustrating the physical attributes, he also conveys to the listener an apt and convincing presentation of the emotional and mental development of the persons with regards to their relationship with each other. Thus for example he accentuates Olaf’s conversations with his favourite wife completely differently from his verbal battles with Queen Frith or with unruly Thorgil.” (Source:
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