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Ich habe dich so lieb  (The Most Beautiful Love Poems)

Ich habe dich so lieb, vorgetragen u.a. von: Andreas PietschmannJoachim Ringelnatz
ISBN 978-3-455-30445-9

Read by: Judith Engel, Andreas Pietschmann

Release Date: February 2006, Hoffmann und Campe Verlag

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Content: Full of lightness and yet profound, witty and sad at the same time, cheeky as well as respectful, so erotic and warm-hearted, full of mischief and silliness, but also with great earnest, sometimes nearly melancholic, full of love for life, but not without despair –Ringelnatz’s poems go beyond all boundaries. One reads and listens with a laughing and a weeping eye, never to forget them.(Source:
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