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Inventing Elliot
„Im Schatten der Wächter“

Im Schatten der Wächter, gelesen von Andreas PietschmannGraham Gardner
ISBN 978-3-86742-610-7

Read by: Andreas Pietschmann
Release Date: August 2007, Hörbuch Hamburg
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Fifteen year Elliot is a newcomer at school. Nobody knows that in his former school he used to be the victim of humiliations and mobbing. But Elliot no longer wants to be pushed into the role of victims.  He invents a new Elliot, who becomes a member of the swimming team, who is cool and popular. Elliot believes that in this way nobody can hurt him any more. However, his new image does not remain unnoticed by the “watchmen”, a group of students who believe that they are the elite and who bully the weak ones. They accept Elliot in their midst, and for the first time in his life he has power. But power has its price, and Elliot sees himself facing an apparently irresolvable task when he has to decide against whom he wants to use this power.
“Andreas Pietschmann conveys in a clear and impressive way the young man’s moral conflict, and the listener feels instinctively compassion with Elliot.” (Source:

“Andreas Pietschmann as speaker always strikes the right note, whether he reads as the narrator or Elliot himself. Impressive are the passages in which Elliot inwardly trembles with fear, or when the voice in his head seems to gain the upper hand.” (Source:
Crime scene school – a nightmarish novel about oppression and mobbing. German Juvenile Literature Award
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