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Love and Intrigue
„Kabale und Liebe“

Kabale und Liebe, gesprochen u.a. von: Andreas PietschmannFriedrich Schiller
ISBN 978-3-86610-177-7

Read by: Walter Kreye, Andreas Pietschmann, Birgit Minichmayr, Ilja Richter, u.a.
Directed by : Leonhard Koppelmann
Radio Play Adaptation: Heide Böwe

MDR 2005
Release Date : March 2007, Argon Verlag
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Content: Luise, the daughter of a musician, and Ferdinand, the son of a noble president, experience painfully the difficulties of love in a class-bound time. After Ferdinand refuses to celebrate a carreer-promoting marriage, the president orders a plot of jealousy against the lovers… (Source:
“The audio book “Cabal and Love” is an absolute treat also for those who normally cannot be bothered with classical literature. With the excellent narrators, the text, normally difficult for unpractised persons, becomes understandable and is transported in a moving way.“ (Source: 

“With their sophisticated language, Birgit Minichmayr and Andreas Pietschmann as Luise and Ferdinand reveal their love, before they get caught in a net of intrigues and finally die.”

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