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Level 4

Level 4, gesprochen von: Andreas PietschmannAndreas Schlüter
Read by: Andreas Pietschmann
Release Date: 2005-2006, Jumbo Neue Medien Verlag

“Level 4” is a science fiction for children. Andreas Pietschmann interprets it in a fascinating and exciting way for this computer thriller.
Die Stadt der Kinder:
What would happen if all of a sudden there would be no more grown-ups around? For 13-year old Ben and his friends this enticing vision becomes reality. (ISBN 978-3-8337-1378-1)

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Achtung, Zeitfalle!: Cyberspace or time travel? During a harmless school trip, Ben and his friends become eye witnesses to an overwhelming spectacle. Mysteriously and colourfully, 16th century Florence opens in front of them. (ISBN 978-3-8337-1527-3)
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Der Ring der Gedanken:
How would it be if one could read thoughts? Ben, Jennifer, Miriam and Frank – the friends of “Level 4” obtain this ability through a magic ring. (ISBN 978-3-8337-1526-6)
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Jagd im Internet:
Holiday for Ben and Frank on the North Sea Hallig (holm) Langeneß threatens to become a bore – until Ben, while surfing on the internet, comes upon a puzzle according to which one can allegedly win 10 million Euros! In no time, the children are seized by a puzzle fever. (ISBN 978-3-8337-1656-0)
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Level 4.2 - Zurück in der Stadt der Kinder:
All grown-ups have disappeared! Ben and his friends immediately have a nasty suspicion: have they once more got caught in the virtual world of that computer game which already had made all grown-ups disappear? Are they back in the “City of the Children”? (ISBN 978-3-8337-1657-7)
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“Andreas Pietschmann is the “Level 4” voice and once more shows here again convincingly his skill in portraying all acting persons individually.” (Source: ekz-Informationsdienst)
“Andreas Pietschmann reads these thrilling stories at a rousing lively speed, which quickly involves the listener in the story line.”
(Source: Buchprofile)
“Reading is performed by actor Andreas Pietschmann who with his versatile voice remains closely connected to the juvenile characters.” (Source:

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