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Parzival, gesprochen u.a. von: Andreas PietschmannWolfram von Eschenbach
ISBN 978-3-491-91231-1

Reader: Bernt Hahn, Peter Fitz, Bernd Kuschmann, Andreas Pietschmann, Dieter Kühn
Directed by: Klaus Dieter Pittrich
Production: WDR Radio Projekt 1996
Release Date: January 2007, Patmos Verlag

Parzival: an adventure legend story, is classic epic of the Middle Ages. A story full of pain, love and chivalry, trials and tribulations. Parzival is a subject matter saso densely compressed as a diamond and at the same time as light and vast as the skies over Europe. Dieter Kühn’s translation of the text captivates throughout with its accuracy in detail and its scientific background. These qualities make Parzival instructive and very entertaining at the same time.
“The radio version of WDR is one of the most important radio projects of the broadcasters.” (Source:
Special feature:
“Parzival” was Andreas’ first audio play while he was still studying at Bochum Drama School. The figure of young Parzival was the only one with an own speaker.

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