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Peer Gynt

Peer GyntEdvard Grieg nach Henrik Ibsen

Reader: Andreas Pietschmann, Nicole Heesters, Peter Fröhlich
Singer: Josephine Engelskamp, Hilke Helling, Johannes Klüser, Anneli Pfeffer, u.a.
Music Director:
Helmut Froschauer
WDR Rundfunkorchester Köln

Production: Westdeutscher Rundfunk 2004
Release Date: August 2007, Capriccio

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Content: The main character is Peer Gynt, a young farmer’s son who tries to escape reality with cock-and-bull stories. He tells his mother Aase the story of a breakneck ride on a ram over a ridge in the Norwegian mountains. On his search for love and adventures, he soon arrives in a world of trolls and demons. He kidnaps Ingrid, the bride of another. At the same time he falls in love with Solveig. After a gap of about 30 years Peer, in the meantime a rich man, thanks partly to slave trade, goes to Morocco, where his ship with all his accumulated wealth is stolen. Peer Gynt is at the zero point of his life, when he lands in a madhouse in Cairo. He returns home to Norway as an old and poor man, where he has to fight for his soul. However, in the final scene, Solveig who had been waiting all her life for the return of her lover, stands up for him, protects and saves him.
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