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This is Where I Leave You
"Sieben verdammt lange Tage"

Sieben verdammt lange TageJonathan Tropper
ISBN 9783839810217

Read by: Andreas Pietschmann
Release Date: August 2010, Argon Verlag
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Family reunions with the Foxmanns usually end up with slammed doors and squealing tyres. Both Judd in his mid-thirties and his not much younger siblings make as quickly as possible a safe distance between themselves and their parental home. But now Judd’s father has died – and the family has to fulfil his last wishes through gritted teeth: seven days of a mutual wake.

This means for Judd a week in which he has to take a critical look at what happened and what could have been, but also what is to come – because now, of all times, he learns that his future ex-wife is pregnant.

Andreas Pietschmann reads this audio book with incredible composure– which is exactly the right mode when family disputes run high. Wordy debates, violent arguments and failures, but also love for the family, and lastly despair when everybody realizes that they will never more be able to argue with their father – after seven long days each one of the family will be a different person. All this is told by the audio book with a fine pinch of tragedy, jaunty humour and above all with pretty queer dialogues. (Source:

The reading is pleasant, especially due to polyphonic Andreas Pietschmann. (Source:

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