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"Weiss der Himmel von Dir?"

Weiß der Himmel von dirAlicia Bessette
ISBN 978-3-86717-613-2

Read by: Jessica Schwarz und Andreas Pietschmann
Release Date: Juli 2010, Der Hörverlag
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Zell and Nick were endlessly happy: Skiing until the face freezes, wild dancing in the lounge and plans to have a complete football team of children. But then Nick dies in an accident. How is Zell now to carry on? She retires completely into herself and only listens to old hits on a scratchy record player. It is only when she participates with her neighbour’s daughter in a baking competition organized by a TV cook that a new life is beginning for her.

First of all, I must say that I did not feel disturbed by the fact that this audio book is an abbreviated version. I did not have the feeling of having missed something. Both speakers, Andreas Pietschmann and Jessica Schwarz, read in a most agreeable way so that one could follow the story quite well. I found the sharing out quite well, inasmuch as Jessica Schwarz relates the story from Zell’s point of view, and Mr. Pietschmann reads Nick’s mails and EJ’s thoughts...

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