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Puppy-dog Alarm

Welpenalarm - Carlos Ruiz Zafon gesprochen von Andreas PietschmannFrauke Scheunemann
ISBN 978-3-86717-836-5

Read by: Andreas Pietschmann
Published: 12 March 2012 by Hörbuchverlag
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Marc and Carolin are over the moon: At long last the long awaited offspring is on its way. But dachshund Hercules is disappointed: Neither can the baby play with him, nor do Carolin and Marc have as much time for their favourite pet as they used to have. Luisa, their little daughter, is also irritated and without further ado decides to run away. With Herkules and Herr Beck the tomcat in tow, she starts off towards Munich: a great adventure in the search for love, friendship and security (
“Andreas Pietschmann reads this enjoyable story with just the right amount of depth. A humorous insight into an animal’s soul..” (Source:

“Speaker Andreas Pietschmann has simply found the right way to
bring to life Hercules and to carry away the listeners. (

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