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Fegefeuer am Grindel

Fegefeuer am GrindelRegula Venske
ISBN 978-3-942210-01-0

Read by: Nina Petri, Andreas Pietschmann und Marlen Diekhoff
Release Date: February 2010, vitaphon

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In the audio play “Purgatory in the Grindel Quarters” fate strikes mercilessly: Marina, the main person, is under shock. She discovers a lump in her breast! Cancer – just as was the case with her mother and sister. She had always suspected that this would happen. She had waited for it, in her small flat in the urban district of Grindel. But death would not get her easily: Marina wants revenge – on her over-intellectual lover, on the vain university professor, on her stepfather. She quickly makes her plans and sets out to realize them…

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