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Böseckendorf – Ein Dorf reißt aus
(TV-drama / Sat1)

Content: Autumn 1961.The east German border is "secured" nationwide, "the use of armed combat" against GDR fugitives is ordered. The villagers of  Boeseckendorf, a quiet place in the restricted zone, watch developments unfold with great concern. Again and again an ominous "people smuggler" helps fugitives escape. No one suspects that Tonia Lantz, a young teacher who is the wife of mayor Manni Lantz, is the smuggler. For Tonia freedom is of paramount importance. The only thing that keeps her on the eastern side of the fence is her family. But when Manni accidentally learns of the secret plans of the SED (Socialist Unity Party of Germany) regional admnistration to relocate all the unruly villagers, Tonia and Manni have no choice but to save the villagers before they are forced to relocate. So they plan a mass escape.

Actors: Anna Loos, Thure Riefenstein, Andreas Pietschmann, Johannes Brandrup, Horst Janson, Annika Kuhl, Rainer Piwek, u.a.
Directed by: Oliver Dommenget
Screenplay: Daniel Maximilian, Thomas Pauli
Cinematography by: Georgij Pestov
Production: Zeitsprung Entertainment GmbH / Michael Souvignier / Deutschland 2009


“Thanks to the manageable ensemble and the concentration on the event which is likely to be causing headlines, “Böseckendorf” cannot be compared with the costly mini-series such as “We are the People”. We leave it open as to whether the choice of the artists was a question of money or whether usual names had deliberately been sacrificed; at any rate, this has done no harm to the film – far from it!”

“Conclusion: An enthralling history lesson.” (Source:

“The humour fits and is applied in the appropriate places, thus refreshing the production. Possibly the first quarter of an hour takes a somewhat slow course, whereas the spectator will certainly be enthralled by the great furore a little later on. For once he has overcome these first fifteen minutes, he will be rewarded with a great movie.”

“The movie produced by Michael Souvignier (“The Miracle of Lengede”, “Contergan”) veers however far away from the actual events, using it merely as a base for a thrilling hide-and-seek-game between defiant villagers and SED inquisitors. Here each one of the parties know - or at least sense - what the other is planning, but the Böseckendorf people are of course more quick-minded than the Badies.” (Source:

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