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Echte Kerle

Content: Christoph Schwank is the chief commissioner for the CID (Criminal Investigative Department) and a "picture-perfect" Macho. The world comes crashing down, as he comes home one night to find that his girlfriend has thrown him out of the flat. To blow off some steam, he begins a wild night out and wakes up the next morning in the arms of Edgar, a gay car mechanic. This all proves too much for him to handle. He has lost his fiancé and the flat. Hesitantly, he accepts Edger’s offer to temporarily stay with him. But, when he has a new and very attractive female colleague, who is also interested in him and finds out that his new landlord is not only in love  with him, but also steals cars, Christopher's life slips completely out of control... (Source:

Actors: Christoph M. Ohrt, Carin C. Tietze, Tim Bergmann, Oliver Stokowski, Rudolf Kowalski, Dieter Brandecker, Daniela Ziegler, Ina Weisse, Andreas Pietschmann, u.a.
Directed by: Rolf Silber
Screenplay: Rolf Silber, Rudolf Bergmann
Cinematography by: Jürgen Herrmann
Production: Cobra Film / Gerd Huber, Silvia Koller, Jochen Löscher, Renate Seefeldt / Germany 1995


“Thanks to its witty dialogues and believable romantic complications, the film succeeds in being an amusing comedy” (TV Spielfilm 6/99)

“Men and women, gays and heterosexuals, the trials and tribulations of love and sex - and all this being cheerful and funny. (...) Real Guys is an amusing, clever film about the complicated rules of interpersonal relations. (...) Emotions are not killed by punchlines, persons not reduced to templets. Edgar is not the typical, in his mannerism nearly asexual gay. (...) Rolf Silber takes his characters seriously, and for a ride. And that makes “Real Guys” one of Germany's best new comedies.”
(Cinema 6/96)

“Real guys“ has a lightness, a cool melancholy, the kind which you normally only find in French movies.”

“First professional filming of Andreas Pietschmann, whilst still training at  drama school. Refreshingly relaxed, director Rolf Silber takes takes on the topic of homosexuality and creates a special kind of romantic comedy. He bets on fresh young actors who do their thing properly. However, in the foreground there is certainly the joke-filled dialogue book written by Silber himself.” (Source:

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