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Edel & Starck – Die Narren sind los
(TV series / Sat1)

Content: When Felix hears that his beloved local pub is going to be transformed into a Koelsch bar by owner Gerd Bloemer, he guarantees  Horst, the current tenant, that he will stand by him and support him as a lawyer. Together with Otto, he tries to obtain an extension for the lease in court. Sandra, meanwhile, is involved with another case:  Oliver Sebold,  a transsexual father , was banned by his wife from having any contact with his eight-year old son...

Episode: 3rd season, episode 9 (First broadcast: 3/15/2004)
Actors: Rebecca Immanuel, Christoph M. Ohrt, Hasan Ali Mete, Isabel Tuengerthal, Barbara Demmer, Andreas Pietschmann, u.a.
Directed by: Ulrich Zrenner
Screenplay: Benedikt Gollhardt
Cinematography by: Anton Peschke
Production: Phoenix Film on behalf of Sat1 / Germany 2004

Edel & Starck received the German Television Award in 2002.

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