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Strange Brother (Fremder Bruder)

Content: 18 years have passed since John's brother Nico just simply disappeared. Now all of a sudden, he shows up again and bursts into the middle of John's established bourgeois life. Everybody but John somehow finds him appealing and fascinating, the "mysterious stranger", the "man with no background". Last but now least, even John's wife seems to succumb to his charms. And in the meantime, there is no joy between the brothers in seeing each other again. The two are strangers to each other. An old feud is resurrected. But what on earth happened in the past and why can’t the two brothers not speak about it to this day? (Source:

Actors: Andreas Pietschmann, Juan Carlos Lopez, Sandra Borgmann, u.a.
Screenplay/Directed by: Robert Steudtner
Cinematography by: Robert Woithe
Production: Internationale Filmschule Köln GmbH / Germany 2006

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View Excerpt
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