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Sun Alley (Sonnenallee)

Content: Sun Alley takes place in the 70s, a time when there are Ward Policemen, the Soviet Union is the big brother, the rest of the world is the class enemy, the Berlin wall is the anti-Fascist protective barrier, and the GDR is the country where Micha Ehrenreich lives. He lives in a street called Sun Alley which is divided between East and West, with the longer part of the street being in the West and the rest of it in the East. The apartment is cramped and the neighbour works fort the Stasi, the West-uncle smuggles nylons, and a green passport falsifies Micha’s mother’age to some more ripe old years. Be it East or West: the only thing that really matters for Micah is Miriam, fabulous and unattainable more than words can say. Micah sacrifices everything for her, and along the way learns to take matters into his own hands.

Actors: Alexander Scheer, Alexander Beyer, Katharina Thalbach, Teresa Weißbach, Detlev Buck, Henry Hübchen, Robert Stadlober, Annika Kuhl, Andreas Pietschmann, u.a.
Directed by: Leander Haußmann
Screenplay: Thomas Brussig, Detlev Buck, Leander Haußmann
Cinematography by: Peter-Joachim Krause
Produzent: Claus Boje
Production: Germany 1999 / BOJEBUCK


“Daily GDR life, plain and honest and yet extremely funny.“

“Wonderful young actors. Altogether created with much attention to detail. A lot of fun to watch!“ (Source:

“Great comedy about growing up and getting along with others. It’s  clear that the East was not like that, but the film never claimed it was. The film shows some typical characteristics, and in doing so is at the same time diverse and funny.” (Source:

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