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Tatort – Fettkiller
(TV-Film (Series) / ARD)

Content: Harald Strauss, an investigative journalist, dies at the steering wheel of his car, driving at full speed on a straight road. But Strauss was already dead when his car had the accident. So it was no accident. This was confirmed not only by his burglared appartment, but also by the autopsy. What had the journalist been trying to investigate?  Lena and Kopper are faced with a dilemma, since all his documents were stolen. However, clues lead them to a medium-sized pharmaceutical company ...

Actors: Ulrike Folkerts, Andreas Hoppe, Peter Espeloer, Agata Buzek, Annalena Schmidt, Petra Zieser, Andreas Pietschmann, Rufus Beck, u.a.
Directed by: Ute Wieland
Screenplay: Mario Giordano, Andreas Schlüter
Cinematography by: Cornelia Wiederhold
Production: Bavaria Film GmbH and Maran Film GmbH on behalf of SWR / Sabine Tettenborn / 2007 (Ludwigshafen)


“Ute Wieland’s, “Fat Killer”, is an exciting crime thriller, the kind of which has not been seen for a long time. A gripping psychological thriller, where the protagonist sees shadows and distorted images of herself in the mirror, suffers from hallucinations, and acts out her delusions of a persecution complex.”

““Tatort” sequel which could hardly be surpassed with regards to its authenticity and high-quality.” (Source:

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