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(TV-Thriller / Sat1)

Content: A relaxing holiday under a southern sun ends up as a nightmare. Claudia, her nine-year old son Timmy (Jannis Michel) and her partner Thomas (Andreas Pietschmann) have just unpacked their suitcases and already there is trouble: Thomas wants to get married, but Claudia rejects him decisively without giving the reason why. Angry about her lack of trust, Thomas disappears. When he doesn’t show up the next morning, Claudia starts to worry, because Thomas would never have left without taking his money and ID papers. While she pleads in vain for help from the police, a man gets in contact with Timmy...

Actors: Bettina Zimmermann, Andreas Pietschmann, Pasquale Aleardi, Jannis Michel, u.a.
Directed by: Jorgo Papavassiliou
Screenplay: Timo Berndt
Cinematography by: Vladimir Subotic
Musik: Andreas Koslik, Kay Skerra
Production: Cinemakers / Peter Hartwig, Alexander Dannenberg / Deutschland / Greece


“The Greek scenes filmed here were very authentic and not kitschy at all. The three strong leading actors gave their characters depth…” (

“Andreas Pietschmann ("Sun Alley", "GSG 9") was very enthusiastic on the set. “I generally like the idea that you can travel and shoot in other countries and come into contact with other cultures, other languages and mentalities,” he says.  At times there were serious storms, which the actor felt was “adventurous”. “I think that it matches the film”.” (

Andreas Pietschmann im Sat1-Frühstücksfernsehen
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