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Brains – Das letzte Geheimnis des Menschen
(TV series / RTL)

Content: Dr. Ines Sturm (Idil Uner) returns after five years of research and maternity leave, as a neuro-surgeon at Berlin Institute for Brain Research and Neurosurgery. She must now get to grips with her job among her colleagues, the chief physician Prof. Dr. Mehring (Michael Degen), and the ambitious Dr. Frank Bacher (Andreas Pietschmann).
"Brains" immerses into the world of brain surgery, the functioning of our brains and the effects of neurosurgery.  The symptoms of a disease in the brain are always spectacular and enigmatic. Each case presents a medical and criminal as well as ethical challenge for the highly qualified team of doctors. (Source:

Actors: Idil Üner, Andreas Pietschmann, Michael Degen u.a.
Directed by: Roland Suso Richter
Screenplay: Frank Speelmans
Cinematography by: Stefan Unterberger
Production: Teamworx UFA / Jörg Winger, Klaus Zimmermann /Deutschland 2008

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