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Auf Doktor komm raus (TV-Comedy / ZDF)

Content: Jan Buechner, a young Berlin doctor, really wanted to drive the shortest way to the Baltic Sea, for a week long get-away. But a diversion forces him to ride across the country. But if that wasn't enough, his car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, just past a village named Marienhagen. The villagers are anything but idiosyncratic and small-minded. In fact, they are considerate about Jan’s welfare  and go completely out of their way to make Jan's stay as pleasant as possible. However,  Jan's stay becomes longer than expected, because the spare parts for his car strangely do not arrive in Marienhagen. What Jan does not know, of course, is that the villagers are trying their best to keep Jan from leaving Marienhagen, and that is for as long as it takes them to make look the location so attractive to him that he doesn’t want to leave any more. That is their plan. The reason behind is that for many years the villagers have been looking for a new doctor because the old country doctor had wanted to retire, but found no one to take over the practice. And now he suddenly passed away and Marienhagen faces a dilemma. Then which doctor goes of his own free will to the countryside to run a practice? The neighbouring town of Altdorf also has the same problem, however, the mayoress of Altdorf has an ace up her sleeve:  her beautiful daughter Lissy. In addition, she has a private matter to settle with the mayor of Marienhagen.

Actors: Andreas Pietschmann, Henry Hübchen, Marie Gruber, Susan Anbeh, Mira Bartuschek, Thorsten Merten, Frank Auerbach, Sven Pippig, u.a.
Directed by: Matthias Keilich
Screenplay: Jürgen Starbatty, Xaõ Seffcheque
Cinematography by: Thomas Plenert
Production: POLYPHON Film- und Fernseh GmbH / Johannes Pollmann / Germany 2009


“This witty and well played version of the American cinema success," Doc Hollywood" with Michael J. Fox was directed by Matthias Keilich (" The kings of wood harvesting ") based on the book of by the two authors Xao Seffcheque and Jürgen Starbatty (" Police 110 - Death and the girl", "crime scene - the dark side").” (

“...Andreas Pietschmann, who a few years ago stole the show from his colleagues in the TV series “GSG 9”, plays a convincing character as Jan or rather a pawn in the amateurish ploy of the simple-minded villagers.“ (

“Xao Seffcheque and Juergen Starbatty succeed in getting out from this simple story so many cheerful and endearing moments, that it subtly develops into a complex comedy. It also, almost casually, develops into a romance. Thanks  to the cast which consists of a highly fortunate blend of young and old, and thanks to Matthias Keilich who cheerfully directs the film, and also thanks to the supporting cast who represent the characters very concisely and vividly ”Doctor, come on out“ offers great entertainment for all age groups.” (

“Charming fun” (

“A likable film without any big surprises” (

“Serious topics, amusingly handled”

“Doctor, come on out" is great fun thanks to the actors and is also at least a partially successful sitcom. Some scenes have a great laid-back sense of humour.” 

“Conclusion: best, light and easy evening entertainment with the brilliant Henry Hubchen, who plays the role of the crafty mayor. Plenty of wit and irony, but without being hammer-style. Without taking any risks, it has two positive side effects: The film makes you want to holiday in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, and maybe makes some doctors ponder about where to settle down.”

“Although the story has been done before and the jokes are mercilessly copied, it’s better to steal well than to invent badly. Good proverbs such as " The head is always slower than the heart " and down-to-earth types make  watching this ZDF burlesque great fun from the beginning to the adorable happy end.”

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