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Donna Leon - Suffer the little children
(TV-drama / ARD)

Content: The Albanian Rozafa Krasnic lives illegally in Italy. After the birth of her child,  the hospital informs her that her boy has died. 14 months later Rozafa is murdered. One of her last telephone calls was to the pediatrician Gustavo Pedrolli, who after a costly and illegal adoption procedure presents himself as the  official father of the deceased son. In the eyes of the carabinieri, Capitano Marvilli, Pedrolli is clearly the culprit. But in their investigation Commissario Brunetti and Vianello ascertain that there are other suspects: The foster mother of the adopted son, Bianca Pedrolli, has something to hide. The scheming pharmacist Franchi spies in the medical records of his customers, and Rozafa’s cousin suddenly has more money than he earns at work.

Actors: Uwe Kockisch, Julia Jäger, Michael Degen, Karl Fischer, Annett Rennberg, Dietmar Mössmer, Andreas Pietschmann, Uwe Bohm, Nadeshda Brennicke, Michael Gwisdek, Gregor Törzs, Nikolaus Paryla, Johanna Gastdorf, u.a.
Directed by : Sigi Rothemund
Screenplay: Stefan Holtz, Florian Iwersen
Cinematography by: Dragan Rogulj
Production: teamWorx Television & Film GmbH / Benjamin Benedict, Nico Hofmann / 2007 (Italy)

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