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Tatort – The Beautiful Appearance
(Der schöne Schein)
(TV-Film / Das Erste)

Content: A beauty farm on Lake Constance, across the German-Swiss border. The world of beautiful appearances receives a severe damper when the owner of the clinic is found dead in a planetarium. This violent crime leads Klara Blum to Reto Flückiger, her Swiss colleague. Straight away, they are confronted with three prime suspects – the leading clinic physicians. Together with her Swiss colleague, Klara Blum immerses herself into a world of disappointed friendships, suspicion and fraud. (Source:

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Actors: Eva Mattes, Sebastian Bezzel, Justine Hauer, Stefan Gubser, Ursina Lardi, Andreas Pietschmann, Johann von Bülow, Samuel Weiss, Katrin Bühring, Maria Boettner, u.a.
Directed by: René Heisig
Screenplay: Susanne Schneider
Cinematography by: Cornelia Wiederhold
Production: SWR Südwestrundfunk / Uwe Franke / 2010 Germany

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