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Männer ticken, Frauen anders
(Men are a different breed from women)
(Komödie / ZDF)

Content: Alice Tanner wants a top job. Her rival for the aspired career in the business management is Michael von Marck. He does his utmost to push out his rival in order to reach his aim. But Alice is not without supporters: her girlfriends from the bowling club speak up for her with cunning and finesse, not even shying away from “weapons” normally used by men: a bugging device in the men’s washing room reveals to the female eavesdroppers the rival’s strategy. When Alice realizes that in this rat-race interpersonal values get lost which she really does not want to give up, she has to decide what is of more importance in her life. “Men are a different breed from women” is a comedy about rivalry and quest for a career, and the insight that money and success is not everything that matters. (source:

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Artists: Julia Koschitz, Tim Bergmann, Minh Khai Phan Thi, Michael Kessler, Andreas Pietschmann, Dietrich Hollinderbäumer, Heio von Stetten, Johanna Gastdorf, Floriane Daniel u.a.
Direction / Script: Rolf Silber
Camera: Stephan Wagner
Production: U5 Filmproduktion GmbH & Co.KG / 2011 Germany

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