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Apollonia (TV series / ARD)

Content: Apollonia's mother has died, thus as the oldest daughter she must lend a helping hand to her father to run the mill. The mill is situated in the mountains, along a mountain torrent, downriver of an ill-famed pond. Despite old servant Michel’s help, the work is hard enough, but Apollonias has dreams, and she wants to see them come true. She falls in love with her former teacher chaplain John and he in turn falls in love with her. But she also has feelings for her childhood friend Urban, who admires her and who wants to marry her. Torn between her feelings for the two men, she finds herself suddenly running the mill alone after her father dies. Her brother Lawrence, really the heir to the mill, is not in any position to run it. Additionally, she has to look after her sister Thekla and the young twin brothers Albert and Alois.

Actors: Julia Heinze, Dieter Fischer, Götz Otto, Sara Sommerfeldt, Hans-Michael Rehberg, Konstantin Wecker, Andreas Pietschmann, Rudi Gall, Lance Girard, u.a.
Regie/Screenplay: Bernd Fischerauer
Cinematography by: Markus Fraunholz
Produktionsland: Sonne Mond und Sterne Film- und Fernsehproduktion GmbH & Co. KG / Erwin Kraus / Germany 2004


“In the 19th century, the miller's daughter Apollonia struggles against her bad fortune to find happiness. This a moving and thrilling story about an extraordinary woman, played by top-class actors in this modern film with a regional background.” (Source:

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