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4 gegen Z (TV series / ARD, NDR)

Content: Karo, Leonie, Otti and Pinkas are just four ordinary children. That is, until they inherit a legacy of their great-aunt Hedda. After receipt of a book with blank pages, they move with their parents to Hedda's house in Lubeck, where  mysterious things begin to happen: A thief steals half the book and disappears through the wall, whereupon Pinkas is suddenly pulled into a large mirror on the wall. Soon after it turns out that the city of Lubeck is threatened by the sinister ruler Zanrelot who was the archrival of their great-aunt Hedda. The children are the only ones who can stop him.

Actors: Udo Kier, Andreas Pietschmann, Jonas Friedebom, Kevin Stevan, Carolyn McGregor, Jessica Rusch, Lucas Gregorowicz, Eva-Maria Hagen, Johanna Berger, Leonie Landa, Anton Baenks, Lukas Kieback, Monica Bleibtreu , Karoline Eichhorn u.a.
Directed by: Klaus Wirbitzky, Andrea Katzenberger
Screenplay: Sonja Sairally, Jörg Reiter, Katharina Mestre, Andrea Katzenberger
Cinematography by: Peter H.W. Tost, Hervé Dieu, Achim Poulheim, Herrmann Dunzendorfer, Axel Henschel
Production: Germany 2004-2006 / Studio Hamburg Produktion GmbH


“One can hardly find anything negative in this really worth-while seeing family series. However, for little children it might be too exciting and scary, but for all the other age groups it is certainly great fun to watch. I give it the thumbs-up sign and one can only hope that the third season will not be the last.” (

EMIL 2006, Award for "Best Children's Series" in the TV magazine TV-Spielfilm


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