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Die Patin – Kein Weg zurück
(Event-Movie, Thriller / RTL)

Content: “The Godmother”, tells the dramatic story of a woman and her family, whose life turns from one day to the next into a dangerous spiral, turning her life completely upside down. Nothing is as it was, or so it seems. Catherine Almeda (Veronica Ferres) gets into a world of illegal dealings, international crime and scrupulous villains who pull strings behind the scenes, where no one can be trusted. Everyone whom she meets in her search of explanations in Frankfurt, Paris, Geneva and Moscow, appears dubious and two-faced. The idyll, in which Catherine Almeda had lived in the past as a happy wife and mother, was apparently only an illusion. Instead of backing out and waiting, Catherine decides to fight for her family, even if that means risking her life. How far will she go? (Source:

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Actors: Veronika Ferres, Jeroem Willems, Fritz Karl, Michael Degen, Andreas Pietschmann, Axel Prahl, Delphine Chaneac, Mikael Persbrandt, Peter Davor, u.a.
Directed by Miguel Alexandre
Screenplay: Christoph Darnstädt
Cinematography by: Jo Helm
Production: teamWorx / Klaus Zimmermann, Nico Hofmann, Jürgen Schuster / Germany 2007


“In the role of snotnosed adversary Weirauch (no first name!), a BND (Federal Intelligence Service) sushi-bureaucrat in a light-colored suit, Andreas Pietschmann manages to define  the term "arrogance" in a  wonderfully disgusting way” (Source:

“The large pain-filled eyes of Jeroen Willens, the smooth smirk of Andreas Pietschmann (especially at the „Mushi Bar“) and Mikael Persbrandt, another TV-attraction (“Do you have any weapons! I mean, apart from hard-boiled eggs!”)…” (Source:

“The BND guy played by Andreas Pietschmann is in every way a son of a bitch” (Source:

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