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GSG9 – Ihr Einsatz ist ihr Leben
(TV series / Sat1)

Content: “Five closed fingers form a fist”. This is the principle that the five top team professionals use for the thrilling  Sat.1-series
“GSG 9”. Five men with different backgrounds and personalities come together to form a powerful team. They must work together as precisely and frictionless as a clockwork, and act as quickly and decisively so that there is no room for doubt. They must trust each other unconditionally and perform actions within seconds , which could make the difference between life and death. Their missions are mainly in the areas of counter-terrorism, organized crime and highly dangerous perpetrators.” (Source:

Actors: Marc Ben Puch, Andreas Pietschmann, Bülent Sharif, Jorres Risse, Bert Böhlitz, Wanja Mues, Florentine Lahme, Andre M. Hennicke, u.a.
Directed by: Hans-Günther Bücking, Jorgo Papavassiliou, Florian Kern
Screenplay: Ulf Tschauder, Christian Schiller, u.a.
Cinematography by: Hans-Günther Bücking, Vladimir Subotic, Stefan Wachner
Production: Typhoon AG / Friedrich Wildfeuer, David Groenewold /
2006-2007 (Germany)


“Sat1 has created a successful action series based on the German anti-terror unit GSG9 ... the series makes a very good impression. It feeds on the fresh faces of the young actors. Scenes are shot in visually appealing locations in and around Berlin.” (Welt online, March 8, 2007)

“When the pilot episode of the TV series GSG 9 was broadcast in March 2007, the heads in Sat.1 did not expect that the action series about the famous German special unit would hit a bull’s eye. After each episode of „GSG 9, their commitment is their life“ they became more and more successful and popular with the audience. Andreas Pietschmann as Konstantin von Brendorp, Marc Ben Puch as their chief Gebhard Schurlau, and Jorres Risse as Frank Wernitz or Buelent Sharif as Demir Azlan embody the elite fighters - often in a dilemma between job and family - in the fight against terrorism and organized crime. Impressive episodes such as „Out of Control“ or „Stroke of Fate“ give us  a glimpse of the extent of pressure to which the men and women of the GSG 9 Elite Unit are exposed in true life.” (

“GSG 9” was nominated twice for the Monte Carlo TV Award 2007. Moreover, one episode of the series was nominated for the German Camera Award in 2007.

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