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FC Venus – Elf Paare müsst ihr sein

Content: In order to stand by his old friend Steffen with the threat of his team “Eintracht Imma 95” from being demoted from the league, Paul, now living in Berlin, convinces his girlfriend Anna to move back to their hometown Imma. When Anna, who hates football,  learns about the real reason for Steffen's “homesickness”, she forges a clever plan. Together with the other annoyed players' wives, she creates a women's football team and challenges the boys of “Eintracht Imma” to a final duel. The stakes are high: should the women win, it’s the end of football for the guys; should the men succeed, the ladies should never be allowed to complain again...

Actors: Nora Tschirner, Christian Ulmen, Florian Lukas, Anneke Kim Sarnau, Heinz Hoenig, Andreas Pietschmann, Jan Henrik Stahlberg, Sandra Borgmann, Leslie Malton, Steffen Groth, Andreas Guenther, Jens Münchow, Sabine Urig, Petra Kleinert, Veit Stübner, u.a.
Directed by: Ute Wieland
Screenplay: Jan Berger
Cinematography by: Peter Przybylski
Production: Wüste Filmproduktion / Ralph Schwingel, Stefan Schubert / Germany 2005/2006


“A social comedy mixed with elements of the turbulent Screwball-comedy, that goes from one crazy incident to the next. Last but last not least, love conquers all: Football is more fun when played by both together.” (

“Ute Wieland's comedy "FC Venus, attack is the best defence" is not purely about the round leather ball, and every woman should think twice this time about whether to forgo their sweetheart’s offer of watching this movie. The comedy is not about the all-male contest in this sport, no, it’s rather bringing the female resistance to the forefront.” (

“Hilarious comedy about the eternal conflict of “Women versus Men”.” (

“Provocative, biting, simply brilliantly comical.” (Source:

“More than a prelude to the World Cup. Jurgen Klinsmann's men could take a leaf out of the book of Nora Tschirner and her team.”

“The ultimate film for all women allergic to football and suffering from world cup panic. Nora Tschirner and Christian Ulmen sort out their relationship problems on the pitc.” (Source:

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