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Die Verlorenen
(TV-film / NDR)

Content: Krista (Karoline Eichhorn) is a mentally unstable person. When she meets Carlos (David Selvas), she falls in love for him right on the spot. The charismatic crusader aspires to drive away all the sinners from church, punish rapists and other rogues in their holy robes, even by force. Krista has a good reason to join his group of radical Christian fundamentalists in Catalonia: At the age of 15 she was made pregnant by a priest and had to give the baby up for adoption. Only the love for artist Eric from Hamburg (Andreas Peitschmann) opens Krista the eyes in time to see the danger in which she finds herself...

Actors: Karoline Eichhorn, Andreas Pietschmann, David Selvas, Anne Kanis, u.a.
Directed by/Screenplay: Christian Görlitz
Cinematography by: Johannes Geyer
Production: NDF Neue Deutsche Filmgesellschaft mbH/Susanne Freyer/ Germany 2005/2006


“Cheerful and radiant counterbalance to all the horrors; Andreas Peitschmann plays the lovable street performer”

“With a cleverly constructed background to this psychological drama, director and author Christian Görlitz reveals the dangers of human gullibility. The story is based on the novel "The Nameless" by Hansjörg Schertenleib.” (Source:

“Dramatic story of a desperate woman’ life - moving and dissuasive at the same time!” (Source:

“Atmospheric, tightly staged religious delusion.” (Source:

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Excerpt from the NDR press release (in German)

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