„DARK“ first German-language Netflix original series

„Dark“, Andreas Pietschmann, Louis Hofmann
Photo: Stefan Erhard/Netflix

DARK, supernatural thriller family drama with Andreas Pietschmann as „The Stranger“ on Netflix since December 1, 2017. DARK is the first German-language Netflix original series. It was was co-created by Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese.

„The Stranger“, Andreas Pietschmann
Photo: Stefan Erhard/Netflix


video interviews by Jan Soldat for „10 Commandments“ (by Jette Steckel) at „Deutsches Theater Berlin“ with, among others, Andreas Pietschmann won the “award for the most intriguing film” at Szczecin European Film Festival, Poland.

The jury: “A film that approaches a thorny subject with honesty, humor and brevity, placing us in between reality and fiction.”

German Audiobook Award for Radio play „WIR“

SWR Radio Play WIRRadio play „WIR“ („WE“) based on
the novel by Yevgeny Zamyatin

with Andreas Pietschmann, Jana Schulz, Hanns Zischler and others has won the German Audiobook Award 2016 in the category Radio play.

Jury’s statement:

"Applause and attention for an outstanding contemporary radio play that, based on a rediscovered classical novel, deals with current subjects. "Wir", on several levels, creates an attraction that captivates the listener and makes the radio play linger with the audience for a long time. This goes for the excellent performances of the speakers, directed by Christoph Kalkowski, as for the now and then monumentally orchestrated music by Raphael D. Thönes........ Pompous an gentle, bewitching and sobering. Perfect audio cinema"

Jens Bisky (Süddeutsche Zeitung):
“…Andreas Pietschmann speaks 'D-503' with such a variety of
nuances and expression that one would not have expected from
that character, the mathematician and constructor of the original
novel. What it means to 'receive a soul', here you hear it. It
becomes an acoustic experience...“

Andreas Pietschmann on air

2nd of February 2016, 8:15pm; Sat1
Interview with Andreas Pietschmann

Die Truckerin - Andreas Pietschmann
Andreas Pietschmann, „Die Truckerin“ - © Sat.1 / Guido Engels

„Der Beobachter“ („The Watcher“), ARD 2015

Der Beobachter - Andreas Pietschmann
© UFA, ARD, Wolfgang Aichholzer

Männer! Alles auf Anfang on air 15th of January

Männer! Alles auf Anfang
Photo: RTL

The new 'dramedy' series "Männer! Alles auf Anfang" starring Andreas Pietschmann, Hans Jochen Wagner and Christoph Letkowski will be on air with 7 episodes starting the 15th of January 9.15 pm on RTL.

Close to reality the series shows the chaos and emotional turmoil implied by divorce and separation - from the male point of view. In other roles : Luise Bähr, Eva-Maria Grein von Friedl, Katharina Müller-Elmau a.o. Directed by Edzard Onneken and Sebastian Sorger

Männer! Alles auf Anfang
Andreas Pietschmann as Ben Schäfer in "Männer! Alles auf Anfang"
Photo: RTL / Georges Pauly

Watch video clips

International crime series "The Team" on air in Germany 8th of March

International crime series "The Team" on air in Germany 8th of March The sumptuous international crime series "TheTeam" in which Andreas Pietschmann plays the husband of German investigator Jackie Müller (Jasmin Gerat) will be broadcast in Germany on four successive sundays starting the 8th of March 2015, 10 pm, on ZDF.

The crime series starring Lars Mikkelsen, Jasmin Great, Veerle Baetens and directed by Kathrine Windfeld ("Sarah Lund - The Killing","The Bridge") and Kasper Gaardsøe ("Lykke", "Park Road") follows a European joint investigation team as they try to solve a case of related murders on women.

"Beloved Sisters" ("Die geliebten Schwestern") will compete for the Oscars

Andreas Pietschmann in "Die geliebten Schwestern" (Foto Frédéric Batier)
Andreas Pietschmann in "Die geliebten Schwestern" (Foto Frédéric Batier)
Dominik Grafs outstanding drama about poet-rebel Friedrich von Schiller and his love for two extraordinary women has been selected as the German entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 87th Academy Awards.

Beloved Sisters is a 2014 German drama film written and directed by Dominik Graf, in which Andreas Pietschmann plays the part of Friedrich von Beulwitz.

The film starring Hannah Herzsprung, Florian Stetter and Henriette Confurius had its premiere in the competition section of the 64th Berlin International Film Festival.

Andreas Pietschmann in the canadian series Camp X

In the third episode "Kiss of Death" of the new canadian series "Camp X" (CBC / Templestreet Production) Andreas Pietschmann plays the part of Sturmbannführer Drescher. The shooting with an international team directed by John Strickland took place in september in Budapest, Hungary.

CAMP X is an emotionally-driven character drama, set in the thrilling and dangerous world of WWII espionage and covert operations. It follows the stories of five highly skilled young recruits - Canadian, American and British - torn from their ordinary lives to train as agents in an ultra-secret training facility on the shores of Lake Ontario.

The agents parachute behind enemy lines, where they're fair game for torture and execution. From elegant hotels to hell-holes in the field, it's one risky operation after another, masterminded by the brains of CAMP X. Sabotage, bombs, arming and training guerrilla fighters, rescue operations, deception campaigns, even assassination: we get up-close and intimate with both the adrenaline of the joyride and the dirty-hands nightmare, as shining ideals collide with the emotional realities of fighting a war where no rules apply.

At its core, CAMP X is about the unlikely path to heroism taken by Alfred Graves, a vulnerable young man with synesthesia - a brain condition that cross-wires his senses, but gives him a virtually infinite memory. Long burdened by his condition, it emerges that Alfred is a secret weapon in the field. Fighting by his side is Aurora Luft: half Jewish-German, half French-Canadian, all warrior, sworn to tear down Fascism by whatever means necessary. Aurora's loss of a lover and comrade-in-arms shades her growing connection to Alfred as they help each other find the courage to face love and death on the battlefield.

Inspired by remarkable true stories, CAMP X is about the origin of spycraft. It's an aspirational world, combining glamour, grit and gadgets. It's about the birth of mass propaganda, the first fights against terror, and the people who led the charge to change our world. (source: CBC)

New series "Männer! - Alles auf Anfang"

New series "Männer! - Alles auf Anfang"
Hans-Jochen Wagner, Andreas Pietschmann, Christoph Letkowski
Foto: RTL / Georges Pauly

This summer shooting was completed for the first season of 'dramedy'-series "Männer!- Alles auf Anfang" starring Andreas Pietschmann, Hans-Jochen Wagner and Christoph Letkowski. Full of humour and close to reality the series shows the chaos and emotional turmoil implied by divorce and separation - from the male point of view!
Three men (two husbands) in their thirties and forties, just having "survived" separation, by chance come to live together in a big, old, empty villa....
The series is a remake of very successful dutch "Divorce" by Jon de Mol. With Andreas Pietschmann, Hans-Jochen Wagner, Christoph Letkowski, Luise Bähr, Eva-Maria Grein von Friedl, Katharina Müller-Elmau a.o.

Andreas Pietschmann in SAT.1-TV-Breakfast Show on tuesday, 25th of March.

"Die Hebamme" (The Midwife) will be broadcast on
March, 25., 8:15 pm, on SAT1 and ORF1.

Die Hebamme mit Andreas Pietschmann
© Jiri Hanzl SAT.1

In the visually stunning historical thriller, produced by Oliver Berben and directed by Hannu Salonen, Andreas Pietschmann plays an Doctor of Anatomy and is starring next to Josefine Preuß, Lisa Maria Potthoff, Axel Milberg, Cornelius Obonya, Vladimir Burlakov and Alicia von Rittberg.

© Jiri Hanzl SAT.1 - Josefine Preuß, Andreas Pietschmann

"DIE GELIEBTEN SCHWESTERN" ("Beloved Sisters") in the competition of Berlin International Film Festival 2014

"DIE GELIEBTEN SCHWESTERN" ("Beloved Sisters") , feature-length drama by Dominic Graf , starring Hannah Herzsprung, Florian Stetter, Henriette Confurius and with, amongst others, the participation of Andreas Pietschmann, will be shown in the competition of the Berlin International Film Festival 2014.
The summer of 1788 in Rudolstadt. Rebellious poet Friedrich Schiller and two penniless sisters, members of the Thuringian aristocracy, experience an unforgettable period together which will eventually bind them forever. Unhappily married Caroline von Beulwitz and her shy sister Charlotte von Lengefeld take seriously their oath to share everything – even the author of ‘The Robbers’. Charlotte marries Schiller so they may pursue their ménage à trios under the guise of convention. Caroline, whose novel Schiller publishes anonymously, leaves her husband. The fragile equilibrium of their love triangle becomes unhinged when she falls pregnant. But Schiller is determined to fight for both sisters. In his first feature-length drama in eight years, Dominik Graf does not focus on Schiller the wild and brilliant celebrity dramatist, but instead examines the eternal question: is it possible to live out an unconventional form of love? The cultural hub that was Weimar, the development of letterpress printing and the French revolution all provide the backdrop for this passionate love story. A film which uses luminous, fluid cinematography, stays close to its characters and is modern in terms of thought, action and emotion. (source:

Andreas Pietschmann in the international crime-series "THE TEAM"

In The Team (working title), written by Emmy-award winning duo Peter Thorsboe and Mai Brostrøm, Andreas Pietschmann plays the husband of German investigator Jackie Müller (Jasmin Gerat). The crime series directed by Kathrine Windfeld ("Sarah Lund - The Killing","The Bridge") ,follows a European joint investigation team as they try to solve a case of related murders on women : Harald from Denmark (Lars Mikkelsen), Jackie from Germany (Jasmin Great) and the Belgian Key Flemish (Veerle Baetens).

Nordisk Film Production is co-producing with Network Movie, Lumiere and Lunanime, Super Films in cooperation with broadcasters ZDF, SVT, DR, ORF and SFR.

The unit of experts is set up after three dead bodies are discovered in Copenhagen, Berlin and Antwerp - all apparently murdered by the same perpetrator. The team will soon find out that there is a lot more to these murders than meets the eye – it’s just the tip of the iceberg. They will have to take on the emotionally blunted leader of an unscrupulous European criminal organization.

With their much acclaimed International Emmy-award-winning cop shows, Unit One, The Eagle, and The Protectors, scriptwriters Mai Brostrøm and Peter Thorsboe have not only proved their ability to create huge ratings in Scandinavia, but also to attract an international audience. The Team will build on the success of Scandinavian crime series working exclusively with top-creatives such as director Kathrine Windfeld, director of photography Morten Søborg, art director Knirke Madelung or production designer Søren Gam and renowned European actors like Lars Mikkelsen (DK), Jasmin Gerat (GER), Nicholas Ofczarek (AUT),Carlos Léal (SUI), Filip Peeters (BE).

In co-operation with German broadcaster ZDF, producer Peter Nadermann, previously involved in the smash-hit series The Killing and The Bridge, has put together a large international coproduction between six different countries that proves it's not only the police joining forces.

Producing The Team will be creating the very first European “road movie cop show” – benefitting from Europe’s cultural diversity and shot authentically in original languages - offering an insight not only into the reality of today's organised crime but also into the fates behind crime. Justice is to give back dignity to the victims. Filming starts October 21, 2013 in Copenhagen, with a total of 133 days of shooting in Denmark, Belgium, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. (

Audiobook "THE HEART BROKE IN" by JAMES MEEK read by Andreas Pietschmann

In June, Andreas Pietschmann returned to the sound studios and read a new audiobook, "The Heart Broke In" - ("Liebe und andere Parasiten") by JAMES MEEK.

Andreas Pietschmann Im Studio mit Regisseur Kai Lüftner

Andreas Pietschmann in the sound studios together with director Kai Lüftner.

THE GUARDIAN: It's hard to know exactly how to describe James Meek's addictive new novel. Philip Pullman has suggested that it might be a "moral thriller", and that seems a good place to start. The Heart Broke In is a story about families and betrayal, genetics and inheritance, sex and responsibility in the post-religious world – and also about parasites, cancer, time, birth, death and forgiveness. It starts with a powerful hook – will a married man be exposed for his affair with a 15-year old girl? – and whizzes along for most of its 550 pages, via plots and subplots encompassing blackmail, murder and sexual infidelity, leaving the reader excited and impressed and, if a little confused, then enjoyably so. With its mixture of heavy scientific detail and lurid plot twists, it vaguely resembles a mid-career Ian McEwan novel. But it's considerably odder than that.

Shooting in the deep snow of the French Alps

Heidecksburg in Rudolstadt"Belle et Sébastien"
Photo: Copyright Eric Travers
The film team of director and adventurer Nicolas Vanier has gathered again in French "Haute Maurienne" to complete the missing winter-scenes of French feature film "Belle et Sébastien". In this moving story, set against the background of Second World War, Andreas Pietschmann plays the part of a German lieutenant colonel.

Dominik Graf's feature film  "DIE GELIEBTEN SCHWESTERN" ("The beloved sisters")

Heidecksburg in RudolstadtHeideck-Castle in Rudolstadt
Shooting-location of "Die geliebten Schwestern"

In November 2012, shooting of Dominik Graf's passionate love story "Die geliebten Schwestern" was completed in Innsbruck, Austria. Award-winning director Graf (ten Grimme Awards, German Film Award, German Television Award) directed from his own screenplay. Andreas Pietschmann assumed the role of Friedrich von Beulwitz. Lead producer is Uschi Reich, Bavaria Film Distribution and Production GmbH.

Contents: A long hot summer long, two sisters struggle for the man they both love: The beautiful Caroline von Beulwitz (Hannah Herzsprung), unhappily married to Friedrich von Beulwitz (Andreas Pietschmann), longs for love and life. Charlotte Lengefeld (Henriette Confurius), her timid sister, dreams of a husband. They are the best of friends, even then, when the penniless Friedrich Schiller (Florian Stetter) comes into both their lives in Rudolstadt in 1787.

The filming of this 'ménage à trois' took place in Thuringia, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, near Muenster, North Rhine-Westphalia and in Tyrol. Starring Hannah Herzsprung, Henriette Confurius and Florian Stetter, the ensemble is completed by Claudia Messner, Andreas Pietschmann, Ronald Zehrfeld, Michael Wittenborn, Anne Schaefer, Maja Maranow and others. Senator Film will release the film in 2013 in the German cinemas. (Source: Bavaria-Film)


Andreas Pietschmann returned to the sound studio, where the recording of the new novel "THE PRISONER OF HEAVEN" (Der Gefangene des Himmels) by the successful Spanish author CARLOS RUIZ ZAFÓN was on the programme. After the highly acclaimed audiobooks "THE SHADOW OF THE WIND" and "MARINA”, "THE PRISONER OF HEAVEN" is the third novel by Zafón to be presented by Andreas Pietschmann as an audiobook.

French Cine Film “Belle et Sébastien

Französischer Kinofilm "Belle et Sébastien"Andreas Pietschmann has started with the shooting of  Belle et Sébastien, under the director, adventurer and explorer Nicolas Vanier (“The Last Trapper”, “Loup”), the first screen adaption of the French cult series from the sixties, in which Andreas Pietschmann plays “Lieutenant Peter”.
Co-starring are also Félix Bossuet, Tcheky Karyo, Margaux Chatelier, Dimitri Storoge, Urbain Cancelier.

Underlying the script which is written by Juliette Sales, Fabien Suarez and Nicolas Vanier is the novel “Belle et Sébastien” by Cécile Aubry, which also inspired the famous 1965 TV series that had been broadcast in cinemas all over the world, as well as a cartoon series later on.

Shooting sessions will take place in the French Savoie alpine region of “Haute-Maurienne” and will stretch over nearly a year and three seasons from the summer 2012 to the spring of 2012.

Belle et Sébastien”, produced by Radar Films, Gaumont (French and international distributors), and Epithete, is scheduled to be shown in the cinemas by the end of 2013.

The action:
“Up there, in the Alps, where the snow is pristine and the chamois chase marmots, where the mountain peaks kiss the clouds, a lonely boy meets a wild dog and gains its confidence.
It’s the story of Belle and Sébastien, the adventure of an unswerving friendship.
The moving story of a bright little boy in the turmoils of the Second World War, in a little mountain village that was peaceful until the Germans arrived.
It is the odyssey of a child in search of his mother, an old man in search of his past, of a resistance fighter in his quest for love, of a young woman in her search of adventure, and a German lieutenant-colonel in his quest for forgiveness.”

The director’s thoughts on the film:
My idea is to tell a new story, but at the same time to preserve the persons, the surroundings, the features and the foundation of the old story. But I would like to go beyond that: I would like to catch the beauty and the magic of the Alps. The viewers must see what they normally are not shown when they come here: the daily life of the inhabitants and the animals of the mountains in the course of the seasons. It is also my aim to show the vulnerability of this nature.
I also sense a certain pressure:
To make a cinema adaptation of “Belle et Sébastien” is a great promise to the audience. They expect much and we don’t want to disappoint them.
I would be happy if the story of this strong and true relationship between a child and a dog would move the spectators.
There will be no cuddling and no emotional outbursts. I want to show true emotions.

New audio book: "Charlotte Street"

Andreas Pietschmann has read the novel “Charlotte Street” (“Auf den ersten Blick”) by the English author Danny Wallace for an audio book.

Star Quiz with Kai Pflaume

Star Quiz mit Kai Pflaume© NDR / Thorsten Jander
Together with his fiancée Jasmin Tabatabai, Andreas Pietschmann was a guest at the “Star Quiz with Kai Pflaume (Thursday 7.6., 8.15 pm, ARD). Other guests were: Jürgen von der Lippe, Dr. Eckart von Hirschhausen, Anja Reschke, Reinhold Beckmann, Katja Ebstein and Helmut Markwort.

This science quiz was about 150,000 Euros for a good cause.

Broadcasting of “Maria di Nazaret”
(27. und 28.05.12)

The two-parter with Alissa Jung, Paz Vega, Andreas Pietschmann among others, under the direction of Giacomo Campiotti, earned an extraordinary success at its first run in Italy on 1st and 2nd April 2012. With up to 8,369 million spectators and a market share of 29,50 %, this international production enjoyed great interest by the viewers.

Production “Suddenly Model (AT)” ("Zu schön um wahr zu sein")

In April Andreas Pietschmann stood in front of the camera in Düsseldorf and Cologne for the ZDF comedy “Suddenly Model (AT)” ("Zu schön um wahr zu sein").
Sabine Postel, Peter Sattmann and Filip Peters played further leads in this movie about getting older and the associated turbulences.
The direction was carried out by Matthias Steurer.
A broadcasting date has not yet been fixed.

Maria di Nazaret in Italy on RAI UNO 1st and 2nd April

Maria di Nazaret, an international two-parter about the Virgin Mary’s life, in which Andreas Pietschmann plays the role of Jesus, will be broadcast in Italy on RAI UNO on 1st and 2nd of April this year.

A new audio book: “Puppy-dog alarm” (Welpenalarm)
by Frauke Scheunemann

Early February, Andreas Pietschmann read a new audio book for the audio publishers: In an easy tone, the enjoyable novel written by a bestseller author tells the story of a great adventure in the search for love, friendship and security, from the point of view of a sensitive dachshund.

Hörbuch: Ein Hundeleben gelesen von Andreas Pietschmann

Date of publication is March 30, 2012.

Episode role in “The last Trace” (Letzte Spur Berlin)

Last January, Andreas Pietschmann was shooting for ZDF an episode figure of the new series “The last Trace” about missing persons. Hans-Werner Meyer, Jasmin Tabatabai, Susanne Bormann and Florian Panzer are in the lead roles. At present, six sequences are planned with a broadcasting date in April. In sequences 3 and 4, Andreas Pietschmann takes over the role of Holger Merbold, whose ex wife (Annika Kuhl) is all of a sudden missing.


MariaAndreas Pietschmann plays the role of JESUS in the international television production “MARIA” (2 x 100 min.).

The shootings for the two-part episode on the life of Virgin Maria are taking place in Tunesia from mid-September to mid-November 2011.

The Italian production company LUX VIDE S.p.A. is the executive producer for RAI, in co-production with the German TELLUX Film corporation for BR (Bavarian Broadcasters).

Film director is Giacomo Campiotti (among others “Doctor Shivago”)

Other actors involved are, among others: Alissa Jung (Maria; Paz Vega (Maria Magdalena); Luca Marinelli (Joseph); Antonia Liskova (Herodias); Nikolai Kinski (Judas); Andrea Giordana (Herod).

Francesco Arlanch wrote the screenplay of the English-language production.

Broadcasting is scheduled for 2012.

Read Article


On the occasion of the German Film Award 2011 on 2ndOctober 2011 in the Cologne Coloneum, the teamWorx production HINDENBURG was awarded “Best MINI-SERIES”. Andreas Pietschmann plays the role of Fritz Rittenberg, and the film was shot as an international production in 2009.

Date of broadcast for "MÄNNER TICKEN, FRAUEN ANDERS" (“Men are a different breed from women”)

The broadcasting date of the comedy shot in the spring of 2011 is now fixed. On Thursday, 3rd November 2011, the film will be shown on ZDF at 08:15 pm.

Date of broadcast for "POLIZEIRUF 110 – ZWEI BRÜDER"

The broadcasting date of the thriller shot in the spring of 2011 is now fixed. On Sunday, 13th November 2011, the film will be shown on ARD at 08:15 pm.


"Vorzimmer zur Hölle - Streng geheim" ("Anteroom to Hell - top secret") 4/3/2001, 8.15 pm, ZDF


Popular crime thriller “Der Kriminalist“

Andreas Pietschmann takes part in ZDF crime thriller „Der Kriminalist“ (with Christian Berkel) in the area of Berlin in April 2011.
In the episode „Ohnmacht“ written by Marija Erceg he takes on the role of Doctor Bernd Büttner. Christian Görlitz (Die Verlorenen) is the director.

Screwball-Comedy “Männer ticken, Frauen anders”

In February and March, Andreas Pietschmann plays in a new Screwball-Comedy „Männer ticken, Frauen anders“, together with Julia Koschitz, Tim Bergmann, Minh-Khai Phan-Thi, Michael Kessler, Dietrich Hollinderbäumer, Heio von Stetten and others.
The shooting for this ZDF-Movie takes place in and around Frankfurt/Main. Andreas Pietschmann plays the role of a chief-analyst of a rating-agency. Rolf Silber is the author and the director of the film.

„Acts of Violence“ – Reading tour with Ryan David Jahn Andreas

„Acts of Violence“ – Reading tour with Ryan David Jahn AndreasPietschmann accompanies the American author Ryan David Jahn on a reading tour through Germany (16.3. Berlin, 17.3. Munich, 18.3. Leipzig)

Jahn and Pietschmann will read from Jahn’s first novel “Acts of Violence”. The book is based upon the true story of the murder of Kitty Genovese, an event which made headlines worldwide in 1964, and whose details later on went down in crime history under the term “bystander effect” (source: Randomhouse).
The reading and discussion about the novel will take place in English and German and will be presented by Kathrin Fischer (HR).

German actors read for Haiti

Andreas Pietschmann mit Christoph Ernesti Andreas Pietschmann and other German actors have recorded a reading of a novel by Haitian writer Gary Victor (German title: Blutchor) for a good cause. Net profits from the sale of the audio CD will go to CARE Germany-Luxembourg, a charity which has been working in Haiti since the 1950s and which was involved in the emergency relief work in the wake of last year's earthquake. Actors Steffen Groth, Ralph Herforth, Judith Hoersch, Charly Hübner, Misel Matičević, Richy Müller, Andreas Pietschmann, Rike Schmid, Jörg Schüttauf and Oliver Wnuk have waived their fees for the project. Random House Audio, which produces and distributes the audio book, has likewise agreed to donate all profits to the charity. The audio CD will be available from 10 February, in shops and in a downloadable version.

The pay TV sender AXN
repeats the series “GSG9 – Elite (top) unit

The first sequel will be broadcast on January 24, 2011 at 8:15 pm, the others in weekly intervals. Andreas Pietschmann plays the role of elite police constable Konstantin von Brendorp.

Award and nomination for the audio play „HITLER’S CANARY BIRD“

The audio play "Hitlers Kanarienvogel" („Hitler’s Canary Bird“) has been awarded the AUDITORIX audiobook seal 2010. As a result, it is now nominated fort he AUDITORIX Audience Award which is given by means of online-ballot and will be granted in the venue of the Leipzig Book Fair in March 2011.


In January, Andreas Pietschmann returns to the sound studio, where the recording of the new novel "MARINA" by the successful Spanish author CARLOS RUIZ ZAFÓN is on the programme.
After the highly acclaimed audiobook "THE SHADOW OF THE WIND", "Marina" is the second novel by Zafón to be presented by Andreas Pietschmann as an audiobook.

"Marina" is planned to include 6 CDs and to be released simultaneously with the novel on the German market in May 2011.


In the popular Sat1 series "Der letzte Bulle" (“The last Cop“) Andreas Pietschmann plays the guest role of the security agent of a big oil company with the illustrous name “Schwertfeger (Sword Sweeper)”. During the shooting of the film which is directed by Sophie Allet Coche in Cologne he meets up again with his fellow student Henning Baum of the Bochum Westphalian Drama School, who in the eighties series of “Der letzte Bulle” plays the role of the macho man Mick Brisgau.

At the same time, Andreas Pietschmann plays the role of STEINWACHS in the thriller "Die Braut im Schnee" ("THE BRIDE IN THE SNOW"), which is produced by ACCENTS FILM for the ZDF channel.
It is a film adaption of a novel of the same name by Jan Seghers, starring, among others, Matthias Köberlin, Jürgen Tonkel, Bernadette Heerwagen, Tim Seyfi, Anke Sevenich and Florian Panzner. Lancelot von Naso („Waffenstillstand“ - Armistice) is the director

The ever popular crime thriller “EIN FALL FÜR ZWEI “ (A CASE FOR TWO)

Andreas Pietschmann takes part in this long running ZDF crime thriller „A CASE FOR TWO“ in the area of Frankfurt and Wiesbaden in October 2010.

In the episode „Koala in the Snow“ written by Andreas Knop he takes on the role of publishing manager Tom Berger. Tom Zenker is the director.

Donna Leon
on October 7, 2010

A date for the broadcasting of „Donna Leon – Let the children come to me“ is now fixed. TV sender ARD will show the feature film from the Donna Leon series on October 7, 2010, at 8.15 pm. Andreas Pietschmann plays Dr. Linero

Episode of “Vorzimmer zur Hölle” („Anteroom to Hell“)

Andreas Pietschmann stands again in front of the camera as snotty-nosed and relentless chief executive Dr. Philip Richter, together with Henriette Richter-Röhl, for „Anteroom to Hell“.

After the big success with the romantic comedy, TeamWorx is now producing a sequel, in cooperation with Kromschröder & Pfannenschmidt.

„Love in the Office“ is the working title of the business comedy, Christian Pfannenschmidt being responsible for its book. Michael Keusch is the director.

A new „Tatort“ (Scene of the Crime) in sight

Also in the summer, Andreas Pietschmann plays in a new sequence of the series „Tatort“, together with Eva Mattes, Stefan Gubser, Sebastian Bezzel, Ursina Lardi, Johann von Bülow, Samuel Weiss and others. In the Klara Blum Bodensee „Tatort“ sequel with the title „The Beautiful Appearance“, Andreas Pietschmann plays the role of a surgeon in an elitist beauty clinic. Rene Heisig is the director of the film.

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