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Fight City. Vineta
(Fritz Kater / Thalia Theater Hamburg)

Content: Steve was a boxer. After nine years he returns home, back to Frankfurt on the river Oder. He wants to fight again, but he is already 32. The old gym can no longer be heated, due to financial difficulties. His former coach now jobs for Mitropa in night trains. Rosa, his daughter, a former rhythmic gymnast, would like to leave. She has great expectations on the career of Frank the boxer, her boy-friend. He would like to father a child with Rosa. Frank’s father died in an accident, whilst his mother is now an unemployed alcoholic. Leila, Steve’s great love, works as a doctor and has therefore remained unattached. And Mike – doesn’t need anyone anyway.

Production: Armin Petras
Cast: Milan Peschel, Fritzi Haberlandt, Peter Kurth, Andreas Pietschmann, Leila Abdullah, Clemens Dönicke, Verena Reichhardt
Stage Set / Costume Design by: Susanne Schuboth
Dramaturgy: Juliane Koepp
Premiere: September 15, 2001 (Premiere)


“This is a play which makes us laugh and cry, which gives us comfort – and which makes us feel like going to the theatre in Gauß-Street more often… Kater’s social-poetic language sails sometimes close to kitsch, but it is part of his characters as well as their brutality and tenderness… The play moves us because at the heart of it, there is a core of truth … With these actors, it is probably the best what Hamburg has seen for a long time.” (Die Welt, 9/17/2001, KMR)

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