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Gagarin Way
(Gregory Burke / Thalia Theater Hamburg)
Content: Eddie and Gary, two Scottish factory workers, try in their own way to set a sign against globalization. They kidnap the consultant who is to give a report on the profitability of their company and take him to a store room for questioning, with the intention of killing him afterwards. At the same time, they had counted on a Japanese to be their victim, but to their great surprise they have to realize that Frank is from the same area as themselves, a former communist stronghold which even had a street named after Juri Gagarin. Tom, a watchman who jobs after his studies, is involved in the action. He believes for a long time that all this is about a burglary,  whereby he can easily earn some hush-money.

Production: Annette Pullen
Cast: Andreas Döhler, Andreas Pietschmann, Hartmut Schories, Asad Schwarz-Msesilamba
Premiere: March 21, 2003


“Andreas Döhler and Andreas Pietschmann, as the criminal clowns Eddie and Gary from the Scottish working class environment, continuously push on making tricks on horror jokes, using the intimate room for laid-back slapstick, direct tone and tempo in the emphasized dialogues.” (Hamburger Abendblatt, 3/24/2003, Klaus Witzeling)

“It’s only when Andreas Pietschmann enters the stage that the performance gains a clear energy carried along by humour, at the same time not at all making fun of the situation but holding everything together: the helpless rage of Gary and Eddie, the intellectual cleverness of Tom and the worldly-wise manager. Political theatre at long last, small but nice.“ (Welt Online, 3/25/2003, Hell)

“A thrilling theatre evening – not because of the thriller-like situation and action on stage, but thanks to the interesting approach to helplessness and to the resistance of the “ordinary people” towards the power of the “superior” people and their unrecognized common roots.”
(, 3/22/2003, Birigt Schmalmack)

“Gagarin Way” is the first play of 33 year-old Scotsman Gregory Burke and was described by the British reviews as a “mixture of Reservoir Dogs and Waiting for Godot”. At the world premiere in 2001, within the framework of the Edinburgh Festival,  it won several prizes.

Within the framework of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2001, the play had its world premiere where it won the first prize. Gagarin Way is described as a cruel comedy – with a political message.

Annette Pullen, since 2000 assistant director at the Hamburg Thalia Theatre, developed in Gauß Street the play “A Night of Passionate Love”, and in the Nachtasyl Theatre a Thomas-Bernhard evening: “Fury. You, Scoundrel, Childhood”. “Gagarin Way” is her journeyman’s piece”.

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