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(Sarah Kane / Schauspielhaus Bochum)

Content: An infertile mother, a man who cannot articulate himself in four languages, a woman who is tormented by events without remembering them, a tormentor who abuses others tenderly. Four persons, who talk about their lives although they are already dead from an overdose of desire. Or the travel report of four scattered individuals on their ways crossing their own abysses, injuries and desires. Or the monologue of a single human awareness, torn by the immediate experience of despair, desire and loss.

Production: Christina Paulhofer
Cast: Peter Jordan, Andreas Pietschmann, Maren Eggert, Yvon Jansen
Stage Set / Costume Design by: Alex Harb
Music: Paul Lemp
Premiere: May 5, 2000


“Concise and intensive, how Maren Eggert as C, Peter Jordan as A, Yvon Jansen as M and Andreas Pietschmann as B saddle themselves with the text, and the air in the studio theatre is explosive. In the end, there is an explosion: when the applause vents itself as a big bang.” (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 5/8/2000, Andreas Rossmann)

“Or B (Andreas Pietschmann), with long blond hair, a gin barfly – that’s Bret Easton from the binge pub round the corner .. Bret Easton lined up his gin bottles, engaged in binge drinking, sweated, smoked like a chimney, in order then to plausibly utter a sentence as a desperate comment: the fags don’t kill me fast enough”...
(Süddeutsche Zeitung, 5/9/2000,Helmut Schödel)

Sarah Kane was born on 3 February 1971 in Essex, England. Her parents were journalists and very religious. Religion in her childhood and adolescence is a permanent part of her daily life. Since she had already joined during her school days some artistic groups, she followed her wish to become an actress. On finishing school, she enrolled at the Bristol University to study drama. Her talents as an actress as well as a director were highly esteemed, and she soon concentrated on playwriting.  After finishing her degree in Bristol she enrolled at Birmingham University under David Edgar for a master’s degree in “Playwriting”. After the enormous success of her first plays she became an in-house author for London-domiciled Plaines Plough, a free theatre group. All her life, Sarah Kane had been suffering from depressions.  Just after she had finished “Greed”, she felt that she no longer could master her emotions and had herself hospitalized in Maudsley Hospital  where she recovered temporarily. Immediately after the world premiere of her last play “Psychosis 4.48”, she committed suicide. Sarah Kane died on February 20, 1999.

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