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HamletContent: The ghost of his deceased father tells prince Hamlet that he was cold-bloodedly killed in his sleep by Hamlet’s uncle Claudius, the current King of Denmark. Hamlet is required by the ghost to take revenge on his uncle. Hamlet feigns madness in order to learn at long last the truth and then to take revenge on his father’s murderer. Polonius, the overzealous senior treasurer, takes the opportunity at the prince’s madness to declare his unfulfilled love for his daughter Ophelia. Hamlet’s mother, the queen, however believes that Hamlet is still severely mourning his father’s death. But Claudius becomes suspicious, knowing that Hamlet could become dangerous to him…

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Production: Jürgen Kruse
Cast: Peter Jordan, Judith Rosmair, Andreas Pietschmann, Michael Altmann, Paul Wolff-Plottegg, Angelika Thomas, Peter Maertens, Björn Grundies, Benjamin Utzerath, u.a.
Premiere: October 14, 2000


“The hero is played by Peter Jordan, who is one of the thankworthy many new faces of Hammonia’s theatre scene. Others especially are Judith Rosmair as Ophelia, whose incredible performance was acknowledged with much applause, and Andreas Pietschmann as Laertes .. Actually, there is much going on in the State of Denmark: furious fencing scenes and a performance by the actors with a play Hamlet named “The Mouse Trap”.” (Hamburger Abendblatt, 10/16/2000, Helmut Söring)

“It’s the dream and nightmare sequences which account for the very special quality of this Hamlet fairy tale. The long somnambulant kiss King Claudius and Hamlet exchange. The passion between the Danish prince and the handsome blond Laertes (Andreas Pietschmann), when during their furious fencing battles there is more eroticism than blazing hostility.” (Die Zeit, 4/3/2000, Gerhard Jörder)

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