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Inferno. The Book Of The Soul
(nach Dantes “Divina Commedia”/Thalia Theater Hamburg)

Inferno - © Hans Jörg MichelContent: “La Divina Commedia”- “The Divine Comedy” is a theatrical and musical triptych by the Slovenian director Tomaz Pandur and the Bosnian componist  Goran Bregovic. It is based on one of the most wondrous journeys of the human soul: Dante’s “Divine Commedy”, the allegoric vision of hell, of purgatory and of paradise. The first part: “Inferno. The Book of the Soul” tells about the deserts of lost souls, of displaced persons and columns of fugitives, of the never-ending shouting of thousands of years. On the map of fear, misfortune and hatred the Balkan Countries die, Europe dies and the world dies. (

Production: Tomaz Pandur
Cast: Thomas Schmauser, Fritzi Haberlandt, Andreas Pietschmann, Dietmar König, Hildegard Schmahl, u.a.
Premiere: January 20, 2001 (Premiere)


“That’s why he created a figure which Dante himself had not created: Angel Balkan, played by curly blond Andreas “Laertes” Pietschmann.” (Welt Online, 20.01.2001, Louisa Skidmore)

In the prelude on earth, there speaks first of all “Angel Balkan” – the only figure the director has created. During his prologue, the angel climbs steeply over the stage into a small frame in front of a white-tiled wall. When he announces that he has come to lend the dead his tongue, the spectators hold their breath: for fear of the actor – and that’s not the only dangerous performance. (Welt Online, 1/22/2001, Stefan Grund)

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