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Much ado about nothing
(William Shakespeare / Thalia Theater Hamburg)

Content: After a victorious war of attrition, Don Pedro, the Prince of Aragon, returns with his entourage to Messina. But no sooner is there peace on the battlefields that a war about love and honour at the court of Leonato is aroused. Claudio falls in love with the lovely Hero. She and her father are delighted when he asks for the hand of his daughter in marriage. The happiness of the young couple seems to be perfect, if it were not for Don Juan, the melancholic, revengeful half-brother of the prince. His urge for destruction causes intrigues and disputes. The latter also holds sway between Beatrice and Benedict. Both do not think much about the other sex nor from marriage and do not leave out any opportunities in order to demonstrate their belief. A fact that will change fundamentally during the course of this play…

Production: Stephan Kimmig
Cast: Peter Jordan, Anna Steffens, Andreas Pietschmann, Susanne Wolff, Norman Hacker, Christoph Bantzer, Stephan Schad, Judith Rosmair, Jörg Lichtensttein, Markus Graf, Michael Benthin, Peter Kurth, Benjamin Utzerath, u.a.
Premiere: January 12, 2002


“Susanne Wolff as Hero and Andreas Pietschmann as Claudio complement one another in the most exquisite way. Whilst Hero finds fun in mimicking the present of the bride dressed in gaudy pink, the latter blissfully abandons himself in the belief that everything in life will go well that can go well.” (Welt, 1714/2002, Stefan Grund)

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