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Phèdre (Phaedra)
(Jean Racine / Schauspielhaus Bochum)

Content: Hippolyte, the son of the mythical hero Theseus, loves the Athenian princess Aricie, who is Theseus’ prisoner. Phaedra, his stepmother, is also the slave of a passionate and forbidden love, namely for her stepson Hippolyte himself. When Phaedra finally confesses to him her love, he reject her curtly and thus drives her into despair. Towards Theseus, Phaedra pretends that his son was after her.  Theseus curses his son and asks Poseidon to have him killed by a sea monster. When Theseus starts to suspect that his son is innocent it is too late: Hippolyte is killed by a sea monster.  Phaedra has taken poison and dying, confesses to her husband her adulterous passion for his son.

Production: Werner Schröter
Cast: Ralf Dittrich, Margit Carstensen, Andreas Pietschmann, Annika Kuhl, Samuel Finzi, Eva-Maria Hofmann, Renata Crha, Elena Meissner
Premiere: December 4, 1999


Schroeter directs the play on stage with archaic austerity, fascinating clearness, stylized and yet lively to a high degree. He manages the difficult balancing act to bring free emotions and stylization into an exciting equilibrium. (Martin Schrahn, Ruhrnachrichten)

Schroeter and his ensemble succeed in excitingly unfolding the tragedy of life between escapism and becoming a sinner, in a succession of deadly word orders. (Ulrich Schreiber, Frankfurter Rundschau)

Phaedra and Hippolyte is a tragedy in five acts by Jean Racine. It had its world premiere in Paris on the 1/1/1677. A campaign initiated by members of the higher nobility prevented for the time being the success of the play, thus causing Racine to withdraw from the theatre. Later on Phaedra became the most successful theatre play of the poet. The subject goes back to the drama by Hippolytos of Euripides, which had its premiere in 428 BC. (

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