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A Couple of Poor, Polish-Speaking Romanians
(Dorota Maslowska / Maxim Gorki Theater Berlin)

Content: In the dark of night, two “poor Rumanians”, filled with a magic potion which makes them forget all sufferings, drift through the Polish province. When the numbing effect of the drug starts to abate, the duo turn into a bizarre and very different Polish-speaking pair, who after a drug party unintentionally spend their first night together. Parcha plays the star role of Father Grzegorz in a well-known TV series, whilst Dschina lives as a single mother who spends her maintenance money on drugs.

Production: Armin Petras
Cast: Hilke Altefrohne, Andreas Pietschmann, Andreas Leupold, Christin König, Lea Reusse
Stage Set: Annette Riedel
Costume Design by: Karoline Bierner
Video: Niklas Ritter
Translation: Olaf Kühl
Premiere: 6. Juni 2008 (Wien – Wiener Festwochen)


“And does the suddenly brutally sobered hero Parcha (“I’m a goddamn crappy Pole going to rack and ruins”) really work as a series actor for Warsaw TV, where he suffers from the fact that every young woman wants to go to bed with him? This macho complaint is by nature  a first-class performance for Parcha actor Andreas Pietschmann, the coolest of all German stage actors, who thanks to his role in the SAT-1 action series “GSG 9” is also idolized by many young women.”
(Der Spiegel, 6/9/2008, Wolfgang Höbel)

“Above all, Andreas Pietschmann, bursting with energy, from whom a continuously stream of tirades flows as if they had not been learnt by heart, arouses admiration. At some time Dschina barks at him: Stop this artist twaddle!”, although the whole thing does not seem like acting at all, not even artistically virtuous, but simply totally authentic.”
(Die Presse, 6/9/2008, bp)

“Next to Hilke Altefrohne (Dschina) and the role and sex-swapping Cristin König and Andreas Leupold, sensational Andreas Pietschmann walks away with the artist’s lion’s share. Petras enriches Maslowska’s scenario in his own way, with poetic ingredients, videos, snowflakes and a little bit of Villon-Zech.“
(Berliner Morgenpost, 9/24/2008, Peter Hans Göpfert )

“A childlike spirit blows towards us from the wonderful play by Hilke Altefrohne and Andreas Pietschmann.”
(Berliner Zeitung, 24.09.2008, Katja Oskamp)

“The terrific two-hour production received several minutes of applause and “Bravo” calls by the premiere audience on Friday night in the cinema Schauspielhaus in Vienna.“ (Zukunftwissen, 6/9/2008, Miriam Bandar)

Dorota Maslowska wrote her first novel “Snow-white and Russian-Red” when she was eighteen. In 2006 she received the important Polish Literature Award Nike for her novel “The Queen of the Herons”. She is considered to be the greatest young talent of Polish literature.

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