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Parricide (Vatermord)
(Arnolt Bronnen / Schauspielhaus Bochum)

Content: A domineering, failed father drives his son Walter into destructive hallucinations. Without regard for Walter’s wishes, the father dictates his son his future. No help can be expected from the sadistic brother who has long since adapted himself to the terrible circumstances. It’s only the mother who promises relief. However, she seduces the no longer infantile son. Eventually, the despairing father catches son and wife red-handed while they were engaged in incest. Walter kills his father.

Production: Uwe Dag Berlin
Cast: Samir Osman, Heiner Stadelmann, Andreas Pietschmann, Irene Christ, Annika Kuhl, u.a.
Equipment: Hamster Damm
Premiere: December 19, 1997


“Patricide” is an expressive play about anti-authoritarian rebellion, a piece about youth culture  which demanded radically the overthrow of old values and wanted to fight for an “autonomy of youth”.
The rebellion goes against a system of education which is founded on obedience. In Bochum, Uwe Dag Berlin lets the action in a two-hour attack rage over the stage, a breathtaking theatre machine has been put in motion,  an (expressionistic) film which does not want to end.”
(Rainer Wanzelius, Westfälische Rundschau)

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